artists paint in a plastic tube, and smeared that on with a tissue, which worked well and lasted for a long time. 'Faster' film was reserved for special purposes, and was often anywhere from 200 to 400 ISO, such as Kodak Tri-X. Parts of the image with a lot of texture are, to some extent, immune from the worst excesses of this smearing feature. This technology was overtaken and made obsolete by digital cameras and manipulation by image processing software such as Photoshop. Not having this is a deal breaker. It has 30 MP, and a very large 864 mm2 sensor, the same size as 35 mm film. You will still get reflections from the other side of the glass case if it is an island display, but at least one source of reflections is removed.

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Focal length 24, (not zoomed in ISO 10 000, 1/4 second,.8. This means that the second most important (though only marginally less so) photo you take of an object is the card beside it in the museum case. One click opened the shutter, the next closed it). Setting the exposure compensation even lower, to EV -2 or -3 gives the advantage of the camera automatically setting the speed higher, which means that camera shake is reduced. The easiest way to get reasonable sharpness is to manipulate the ISO which your camera uses. If it is an Egyptian mummy sarcophagus, zoom in on the face, of course, and perhaps some part of the decoration - the wings of a god, a beautifully made frog or hyena for example. In addition, you often need the photo on the card or poster, not just the text. And collapsing into bed. Half an hours charge will give me about an hour more of photos. Tripods are usually not allowed in museums, because of the danger to other patrons of the splayed legs causing obstruction and accidents. Here is a photo taken by moonlight of the small settlement of Thursday Island from a cruise boat passing through Torres Strait, using the channel known as the Prince of Wales passage. In contrast to earlier cameras, it uses the slowest shutter speed that can be compensated for by its excellent camera shake technology, which means that it uses the lowest ISO. I had a basement room, which was ideal because it was cool in the middle of a heat wave. You can improve the apparent depth of field by standing square on to a relatively flat object, rather than standing close to one end and looking down its length. I generally leave my laptop connected to the charger in the hotel room, uploading images to my Dropbox account while I am at the museum. Unfortunately, a price has to be paid for this as well, at least at the present. To achieve this, the grains of the emulsion were (typically) made larger, which meant that although shots could be successfully taken in smoky dark nightclubs and jazz venues, the resulting photograph was inevitably 'grainy and usually high contrast as well. Get as close as possible to the glass, and reflections will be minimised. This is the reason for the continuing research into the creation of better sensors and their incorporation into cameras.